Screenshot of the Foxtrot route analyzer dashboard, used to inspect route performance.

AI Powered Driver Decisions. 

Is your workforce on the road selling, servicing or delivering?

Your drivers are making route decisions on the fly. Help them make better ones.

"I've been in the industry for 23 years, I've seen the evolution of route planning, packing, dynamic routes, etc ... but Foxtrot is the transformation, a new way of looking at logistics. It may take a while for everyone to truly grasp how this transforms the last mile."

- Global VP Logistics, Client

We help answer your driver's most frequent question:
where should I go next?

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Every driver decision made on the road dictates your operation's cost and service level.

Our clients' results:


Stops per driver


On-time arrivals

Don't take our word for it.

Send us a small number of routes and we'll tell you the cost of your driver's decisions.

Foxtrot is supercharging driver decisions across more than 12 countries and counting...


Driver decisions powered
by Foxtrot

Foxtrot route analyzer & playback dashboard with stop overview and route event inspector.

Integrating & using Foxtrot is a breeze.

Foxtrot driver app which shows the driver's stop list and optimized route on a map.

Integrate into your existing driver app, or use ours off the shelf.

Works in concert with your existing route planner.

No telematics hardware required. Just a phone or tablet.

No human/dispatch intervention required to re-sequence routes.

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